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Android is a bigger dimension in the mobile world and comparing to many service providers in this domain are we are undertraining ninjas. Yet we have learnt to sharpen our skillsets everytime Android changes its flavour. From minimal GUI to Materialistic UI, the development of Android platform has moved so far and being a rising company we have to adopt those change.

Out of the box, thinking helps us in making our paths very clear when we deliver a product to our clients.

Test Driven Structure of our product deployment helps the client in making a high-quality deliverable which gives a significant impact on the audience who uses that product.

Plann, our multi-award winning Instagram App has been designed specifically to help influencers, business owners, bloggers and creatives create an Instagram strategy.

Every feature has been thoughtfully designed by an Advertising Expert to ensure you always have something to post on Social Media.

Discover why over 60,000 Instagrammers trust Plann:

- Drag and Drop gallery

- Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

- Draft, Filter and Edit 120 posts in advance

- Review Analytics (and take a sneaky peek at competitors!)

- Discover your best time to post on Instagram, AND top performing color schemes!

- Save hashtags as sets for crucial posting.

Plann is an active build which means we're always working away on something - feel like you need a special feature? Use our in-app messaging to let us know what you feel you're missing! DOWNLOAD ON iOS + ANDROID NOW:

Plann - visual designer + scheduler for InstagramWant to know how an Instagram Planning App will help grow your Instagram following?
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