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Adarsh Srivastava

CEO, Founder

The brain behind every developed plan, our very own source of sunlight. He caters to each and every mind working under his shed and makes sure they grow in every way possible.

Saurabh Anand Srivastava

Managing Director

Replacing morning tea with iOS and Android he breaths developing, making it as easy as galloping a dish. Always lending an ear to the team and helping them with complexity is what makes him an excellent mentor.

Mayank Barnwal

Managing Director

Minting machine of the team. He leads each one with the same zeal and keeps them occupied 24*7. Juggling between Android and iOS, he keeps his focus clear and works in full swing.

Gayatri Srivastava

Human Resource Manager

Sandeep Singh

Chief Marketing Officer

I have the vision to be a part of the something which is very big.Not only for the sum of money either in salary or incentives but should add a milestone in my career, providing m with a platform for achieving my dreams and targets.My career projection is striking towards managerial and administrative operations.

Amar Sharma

Senior Android Developer

Vamika Dixit

iOS Developer

Pratibha Singh

PHP Developer

Radha Rajput

Android Developer

Rishita Verma

UI/UX Designer